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For over 25 years top-performing districts and their leaders have used our array of powerful tools,
analyses, and consultation to make their most
important decisions.

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Our FrameWorks processes are proven tools for partnering and managing. Used by highly successful superintendents and principals, FrameWorks are applied across the district to guide growth and change.

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By mapping your students and looking at demographic indicators like age, gender, race, ethnicity, household income, home value, MCA scores, and the population trends of growth and decline you can be confident in making the best possible decisions to benefit the students in your district.

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Press Release: Dr. Heather Mueller Joins the Team!

PRESS RELEASE December 22, 2022

We are honored to announce the addition of Dr. Heather Mueller as a Senior Consultant for TeamWorks International, Inc. as of January 2nd , 2023.


Dr. Heather Mueller is a skilled leader, strategic-thinker, facilitator, coach, and education innovator who brings passion, experience, and expertise from the state and school district levels.

Dr. Mueller has most recently served as Minnesota’s Commissioner of Education, and prior to her appointment as Commissioner, she served as the Minnesota Department of Education’s Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Teaching and Learning, and Senior Director of Teaching and Learning.

Heather is enthused about the opportunity to continue to provide insight and value to public education and stated “As a lifelong educator, my belief has always been that each and every student must be seen, valued, and heard, and that the education systems and structures we create must provide them with access, participation, and representation to achieve the outcomes they deserve.”

We at TeamWorks Intl have worked with Dr. Mueller for more than a decade, primarily as a district leader in Mankato Area Public Schools. Her knowledge, energy, skills, and commitment to excellence and partnership has been a valued part of that working relationship.

“This unique opportunity to add someone of Dr. Mueller’s background, experience and depth to our robust consultant team deepens our unwavering commitment to school and student success in all of our client districts” stated Dennis Cheesebrow, Founder and CEO and Dr. Ray Queener, COO and Principal Consultant. If student and school success is an unmet goal for your school or school district, contact us directly to learn more about
our unique, trusted, and proven pathways to school success and associated services.

Inquiries can be directed to:

Dennis Cheesebrow

CEO and Founder, TeamWorks International Inc.


TeamWorks International is...


For 25 years we've built our business solely on the basis of referrals.

We believe that a trusting relationship with our that demonstrates value over and over again is the best path to success.

So far we've been right.


With over 200 clients in 20 states, our consultants have used TeamWorks proprietary processes and tools to guide schools through every difficult decision and growth opportunity imaginable.

So you don't need to worry, we got this.


We know that good decision making requires great data to back it up. Our consultants are supported by a team of expert demographic analysts. Our consultants are uniquely skilled in transforming data into insight, strategies and decisions.

About Us.

Your role and purpose as a leader is to
move your organization successfully from 

What Is… to What Ought to Be…

TeamWorks International is a trusted, proven and unique partner in how to do it.
Are you ready?

Our proven competencies, processes, and tools develop Partnership Leadership in organizations seeking a different approach from the traditional top → down way of implementing change. For 25 years, we’ve heard the needs of organizations like yours and worked side-by-side with them across all levels to customize approaches that build the capacity of the employees and the leaders. Bottom line? People across the organization are more able to contribute to and own the goals and ways Vision is achieved.

Perhaps you need…

  • A new way of leading that develops people’s capacity for system-wide partnership.
  • To help your team understand that improvement is part of standard work.
  • Approaches to prepare employees to understand and implement change.
  • A relevant and connected strategic plan.
  • An innovative approach to your changing market and/or demographics.
  • Teams that work together more effectively and more humanely.

Our services support you along the way:

  • We coach Individuals and teams
  • We facilitate Internal and external stakeholder engagement processes
  • We train our proprietary Partnership Leadership FrameWorks™ and Manage When One Must processes
  • We consult Organizational change readiness and change management
  • We customize A data-informed picture of current reality and performance through Insight Research

Meet the Team.

Dennis Cheesebrow

Principal and Founder

With more than 25 years of experience serving the education, faith, government, business and human service marketplaces, Dennis Cheesebrow brings a broad array of experience in coaching, consulting, leadership and systems development to each client and audience. His direct style is sprinkled with humor, abundance and a deep appreciation for the human dynamics and potential in organizations and communities. 

For his entire career spanning coaching, consulting, managing, innovating, and developing, Dennis has been deeply committed to the power of partnership as an essential foundation of professional relationships, structures, and systems in organizations and communities. That passion and commitment have resulted in the development of the core beliefs, philosophy, practices, and intellectual property that TeamWorks International, Inc is built upon.

TeamWorks International is a leading national consultancy in the area of public education and well known for the Education Leadership System™ (ELS): an insightful and pragmatic view into the three authorities of governance, management and consultation. ELS is the model for partnership between six groups of adults to provide for the mission and promise of public education for all students. This structural and systemic approach of aligning the adults for ALL students learning is being applied in urban, suburban, and rural school districts across the country.

TeamWorks International is leading continuous improvement in public education through its School Analytics and its’ Enrollment Intelligence Service in assisting districts and communities to more deeply understand the intersection of learning, poverty, race, gender and housing to develop collaborative solutions to increase learning while closing the achievement gap, as well as new approaches to developing student learning goals.. In addition, School Analytics strengthens and deepens our clients operational and strategic planning through our unique and experienced approach of translating data → insight → strategy → decisions with regards to enrollment, attendance areas, market share, facilities development, demographics, and open enrollment.

Dennis has authored Partnership; Redefined: Leadership through the Power of & (2012) as well as the Educational Leadership System Guidebook (2009) and the FrameWorks Guidebook (2009). He was a contributing author to the book,Voices From The Field: An Introduction to Human Systems Dynamics in 2003. He also holds three U.S. Patents from his 17 years at 3M as an engineer, research laboratory manager and marketing/business manager prior to founding TeamWorks International in 1995.

Christine Wroblewski

Senior Consultant

Christine Wroblewski, senior consultant at TeamWorks International, is a seasoned advisor, executive, and strategic communications practitioner for public and nonprofit organizations. As a valued, effective and personal consultant and coach, Christine guides organizations and the people in them to connect and communicate more effectively by developing a deeper capacity for analysis, planning, prioritization, and development.
Her areas of expertise include strategic planning and communications, issue identification and management, stakeholder analysis,
and stakeholder engagement.

She has worked inside and alongside education-focused organizations since 1993. As Chief Community Relations Officer for Saint Paul Public Schools, Christine lead the transformation of the office from a communications-only focus to a broader community relations and engagement focus. While there, she also assisted in two superintendent searches and three superintendent transitions; actively supported two successful school referendum campaigns; and advocated successfully for the development of a year-round, cross-departmental outreach team to have a more positive and regular presence in the community.

Christine’s projects have included guiding organizations through change processes and major decision-making effort with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement; conducting needs assessments; strategic communications consulting; focus group facilitation on a number of topics; individual and cohort coaching grounded in TeamWorks’ proprietary FrameWorks™; and project coordination and facilitation of groups
small and large.

Christine has received numerous state and national communications awards and presents on communications and community relations topics, both locally and nationally. She recently served on the board of the Breast Cancer Education Association and has previously served as president of the Minnesota School Public Relations Association and on the boards of the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the
Family Tree Clinic.

Christine is a two-time alumnus of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Leadership and Management of Public and Nonprofit Organizations from the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs. She previously has served as communications director and media liaison for Saint Paul Public Schools and as editor and writer for a weekly Twin Cities area newspaper company.

Dr. Ray Queener

Senior Consultant

Ray Queener, senior consultant at TeamWorks International, blends his experience across multiple arenas to assist clients in the areas of partnership skills, strategic growth, personality and motivation awareness, and systemic alignment and accountability. Ray is known for his ease and comfort in working side by side with clients to approach each project with insight and compassion. Both lighthearted and results oriented, Ray brings energy, focus and hope to the organizations that he is honored to serve.

Ray has a wealth of experience in education having served in multiple capacities over 30 years.  His work in education began as a secondary math teacher in Luck, WI.  Having a vision for integrating technology into the classroom, he was able to further that vision as he served as technology coordinator for South St. Paul Schools and later Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan (ISD 196).  He transitioned to finance director at ISD 196 and later Stillwater Area Public Schools (SAPS) where he gained valuable experiences learning organizational operations while continuing to serve in public education.  Both as an assistant superintendent at SAPS for 10 years and the last 6 years as superintendent for Cambridge-Isanti Schools, he has helped lead successful bond and levy referendums in addition to overseeing district operations.

Service is evident in Ray’s support for public education serving as Executive Board Member for Schools for Equity in Education (SEE) for many years.  He also served on the Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA) board and was the Region VI Leadership Team Chair.  He was nominated and received several awards from his colleagues including Administrator of Excellence in 2017.  Ray’s commitment to partnership, and his enthusiasm for supporting others as they learn and develop made him an ideal addition to the TeamWorks team in 2019.

Ray’s work with clients includes:  Strategic  and  tactical  planning  grounded  in  organizational  Vision;  VisionCard  accountability  systems  development  and implementation to ensure continuous improvement knowledge and capacity development;  Executive  Coaching;  customizing  leadership  development  for  clients through the Frameworks® Partnership Series grounded in TeamWorks’ proprietary FrameWorks™ and Organizational Development theory; and, Critical Position Benchmarks to assure job-­‐fit in key hires or restructuring.

Ray is recognized as a National Certified Superintendent through American Association of School Administrators (AASA) He earned his Doctorate in Educational Policy & Administration and received his Superintendent License from the University of Minnesota.  He earned his Master of Arts in Educational Administration from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota where he also continues on as adjunct faculty. He has a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education with a minor in Computer Science from University of Minnesota.

Dr. Bryan Bass

Senior Consultant

Dr. Bryan Bass, senior consultant at TeamWorks International, is a mission-driven and adaptive educational leader, emphasizing executive coaching for leadership growth, leadership team development, strategic planning, and designing systems, structures and practices for continuous improvement. Bryan lends his innovative thinking to help organizations move from current reality to desired state, always leading from values and mission and closing the gaps between aspiration and skill. 

Bryan joins the TeamWorks International team with more than twenty years of experience in diverse educational settings as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, and at the executive level. Based on a belief in the inherent brilliance and dignity of all children, he helps organizations center equity, engaging systems thinking and adaptive leadership principles to advance student achievement for all learners. A strategic thinker, he has been recognized for transformative leadership in the areas of innovation, continuous improvement, and inclusion. He helps districts realize the value and impact of partnership and collaboration in advancing mission across school communities and stakeholder groups, PreK-grade 12.

Dr. Bass is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. The Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, has linked the four cornerstones of the Co-Active Model to evidence-based scientific research. Asking powerful questions, he holds space for clients to step into their strengths and leadership and holistically supports individuals and organizations to reach their fullest potential. He pursued this learning experience in recognition of the gaps in leadership development for school and district leaders. He has supported many leaders in thought partnership, performance coaching and problem solving skills to promote leadership effectiveness. 

Bryan also teaches as an Adjunct Instructor in the Doctorate of Education program at Concordia University, St. Paul. He enjoys helping future leaders discover a deeper level of systems thinking and analysis, and supporting students in advancing and completing their dissertation journey. Bryan is always in “learning mode” and believes in the power of learning with and from students, staff, peers and the broader field in service to humanity. 

Dr. Bass earned his undergraduate degree at St. Olaf College, his Master of Arts in Education from St. Mary’s University, Educational Specialist degree from St. Thomas University and Doctorate of Education from St. Cloud State University, advancing academic research in Standards-Based Teacher Evaluation. Bryan is also certified as a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory. Bryan serves on the Executive Boards for Athletes Committed to Educating Students (ACES) and the Minnesota Education Equity Partnership (MNEEP).

Dan Hoverman

Associate Consultant

Dan Hoverman, associate consultant at TeamWorks International, is an experienced and well-respected superintendent and leader of organizational change through partnership.  As Superintendent of Mounds View Public Schools, Dan was critical in developing the district’s equity promise and building capacity among the administrative team to understand and implement educational change for the benefit of students, staff and families.

Dan guides organizations and the leaders within them to identify their foundational values, beliefs and strategic directions and then supports them in developing focused action plans to achieve their goals.  His areas of expertise include systematic organizational design for continuous improvement and innovation, strategic coaching, superintendent and school board development and consultation to support clients in addressing difficult leadership, management or political issues.

He has worked in public education in a variety of capacities since 1975.  Dan has been an administrator in the Mounds View Schools since 1987 serving in a number of different capacities, including Director of Special Services, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent.  While serving in these roles he has guided the passage of three levy referenda and one major bond initiative.  Dan was the chief architect of the district Q-Comp program with Mounds View as one of the first three districts in the state to implement this program.  He has also designed and lead the district’s efforts to implement an innovative teacher appraisal system and the Early College program at both district high schools.  He has also developed and implemented professional development programs at all levels of the district from the school board to district teachers and support staff.

For the past eighteen years, Dan has utilized the TeamWorks proprietary FrameWorks in his daily work as an administrator.  He is highly skilled in the use of the FrameWorks and has a wealth of experience in adapting them for use with a wide range of issues.  Dan has expertise in the use of a wide variety of other complimentary strategies to support clients in resolving difficult issues and promoting organizational development.  Dan has served on many regional collaborative boards as well as being a member of the Board of Junior Achievement of the Midwest, Executive Committee of TIES and Council for Youth Citizenship.

Dr. Sheri Allen

Associate Consultant

Sheri Allen, Associate Consultant at TeamWorks International, is knowledgeable in educational systems from birth to adult basic education. Sheri understands what it takes to build leadership capacity in partnership with districts so they are able to align their strategic work throughout their school community. The importance of building a strategic roadmap through the engagement of multiple perspectives that represent each and every student is important so that everyone sees themselves in the work.

Sheri has over 35 years of experience within public education at multiple levels of the Districts she served.  She started her teaching career in Austin MN as a middle school and elementary teacher where she was mentored by many strong educational leaders. She continued to serve in leadership roles and moved into administration as an elementary principal in Austin for 2.5 years and then transitioned to Owatonna as a Principal at Washington Elementary and the Principal of Owatonna High School. 

She accepted a position as the Director of Elementary and Secondary for the Rochester Public Schools where she was responsible for the day-to-day operations and supervision of principals in a large, diverse district.  After 3 years she became the Superintendent for the Mankato Area Public Schools and focused on building relationships throughout the district that served five communities with a growing diverse population. She led successful bond, technology and operating levies while closing gaps and raising achievement for all students. The district received multiple awards and recognitions at the State and National levels as a result of the aligned strategic roadmap along with a focus on developing leaders throughout the district and school community.

During her 10 years as superintendent, Sheri used TeamWorks International’s unique Classroom to Boardroom Strategic Planning Process in her daily work. Through the understanding and application use of Partnership Leadership FrameWorks, Sheri was able to adapt the use for individual and District needs specifically in operations, district strategic planning, visioning and engagement while utilizing the core processes which are needed to remove the barriers to design equitable learning opportunities. 

Sheri holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Education, a Masters in Educational Leadership along with her Superintendent, K-12 Principal Licensure and her Doctorate in Education.

Rich Swanson

Insight Services Manager

Rich acts as the Insight Services Manager and as a Research Analyst for TeamWorks International’s Insight Services Department. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Geology from Winona State University, and a Masters Degree in Geography from Hunter College of the City University of New York. Rich’s extensive background and experience in private business, military, government, K-12 public education, post secondary education, faith-based organizations and various non-profit industries has allowed him to develop unique insight and a systemic approach to serving a wide range of client needs. Rich also teaches Physical and World Regional Geography at Southeast Technical College in Southeastern, MN. In his spare time he enjoys building wooden boats, pretends like he can play guitar, and gets lost finding new areas to explore in the Twin Cites

Matt Pohl

Geospatial Technologies Coordinator

Matt began working with TeamWorks in March of 2010 as an Insight Services Analyst. He has a Bachelors Degree in Geography from the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse and holds a Masters Degree in GIS from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Before Joining TeamWorks, Matt acted as the GIS Coordinator for Buffalo County WI. Matt works hand in hand with many of TeamWorks’s clients, helping them discover relationships within their data, and ensuring efficacy in future planning. In addition to this, Matt is responsible for the development, deployment, and administration of Insight Online, TeamWorks’ web-based mapping and analytical tool. Ensuring that the customization of Insight Online meets clients’ needs along with keeping their data secure is a priority of Matt’s. He excels in spatial and statistical analysis, database management, web security and programming, and research and development. During his free time, Matt enjoys hunting, fishing, playing sports, and spending time with his family.

Bonnie Cheesebrow

Finance Manager

Bonnie oversees TeamWorks’ operation, human resource and fiscal activities. Her strength is developing processes and practices that ensure financial stability and create a high-performance culture that emphasizes quality, productivity and job satisfaction.

On her own time, Bonnie enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling, and watercolor painting.

Connie Buberl

Office Manager

Connie oversees the logistics of our consultants’ calendars and monthly invoicing.  She is a friendly connection to each of our clients and efficient in providing answers.  Connie’s background includes banking, office and financial management.

In her freetime, Connie enjoys jewelry making and other handiwork, gardening, and enjoying time with her family.

By the numbers...

School Districts


  • Mounds View, MN
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Mankato, MN
  • Mahtomedi, MN
  • Mount Vernon, NJ
  • Edina, MN
  • Spring Lake Park, MN
  • Columbis, OH
  • Santa Fe, NM
  • Ankeny, IA
  • Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Albany, NY
  • GenerationNext
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Referral Rate

We are a referral based business. Since 1994 we have grown through word of mouth by satisfied clients.


TeamWorks International consultants partner with clients, working with them to understand their needs and hopes to effectively design an approach that works specifically for each client. TeamWorks provides a set of tools and Frameworks that are flexible to changing circumstances and can be scaled throughout an organization.  It is an approach that can transform how a leader leads, how a follower experiences that leadership, and how everyone in the organization can partner to meet their individual and collective desires. Bottom line: it works!
Jeff Ronneberg, Ph.D.
Superintendent, Spring Lake Park Public Schools
I have worked with many organizations and have interacted with a number of different consultants. What was different about working with TeamWorks consultants, and the tools they use, was that they JUST MADE SENSE. I think it’s because they mix an understanding of human dynamics and relationships with the structural and developmental needs of a productive organization.
Ann Kvaal
AK Communications Association Management Company
TeamWorks supported us through our strategic planning process by providing a thoughtful analysis of our strengths and helping us identify areas for improvement and opportunities for the future. Our updated strategic plan has allowed us to provide even stronger services and support to our members.
Scott Croonquist
Executive Director Association of Metropolitan School Districts
Dennis Cheesebrow is a phenomenal, qualified executive coach who brings professionalism, high-level expertise with practical field experience and exceptional listening skills. He tailors each session to meet the client’s pressing needs while providing direction via practical and easy to apply theories. I am a more efficient and effective leader because of the executive coaching services Dennis provided. Thus, I am better equipped to continue leading an organization that will be relevant to meeting the needs of our members in 2025. I highly recommend Dennis and Teamworks International.
Christina Lamas
Executive Director - NFCYM


After working with several organizations that were facing similar challenges over the years, it became clear to us at Teamworks International that we should share what we have been observing. Read how operating in Partnership unleashes the latent creativity and ownership that remains largely untapped in most organizations and how a partnership-based approach can reduce stress while increasing performance.

Insights include processes, known as FrameWorks, developed by author Dennis Cheesebrow to address issues of authority and power, provide structure to critical conversations, decision making processes, resource allocation, and many more leadership challenges.

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