Welcome Ray Queener to the Team!

TeamWorks International is pleased to welcome Ray Queener, Superintendent of Cambridge Isanti Schools, to our team as a Senior Consultant effective Aug. 27, 2019.   Ray is stepping down at Cambridge Istani Schools this summer after six years serving as Superintendent.


Ray’s wealth of experience in education — from teacher to technology coordinator to finance director to assistant superintendent to superintendent  — his commitment to partnership, and his enthusiasm for supporting others as they learn and develop make him an ideal addition to the TeamWorks team.

“For much of my professional career, I have relied on the TeamWorks’ approach to support my work and the work of those with whom I have been privileged to serve,” Ray said.  “I am excited to support many more educators, schools, and school districts in my new role as a senior consultant.”


Ray will join TeamWorks International’s current team of Dennis Cheesebrow, Christine Wroblewski, Dan Hoverman, Rich Swanson, Matt Pohl and Connie Buberl.  “Bringing on Ray is part of exciting changes we are beginning at TeamWorks International this year,” said Dennis Cheesebrow, founder and president of TeamWorks.  “We will be sharing more good news over the course of the coming months.”


While TeamWorks International’s services of Partnership Leadership have remained at the core of our work, we have been refining our services to enhance support to our clients as they have grown and changed, and as new educational market needs have emerged.  With the changes, we have evolved over the last 10 years to include:

  • Enrollment Intelligence Services;

  • The Educational Leadership System to develop excellence in governance, management, and consultation;

  • Strategic Communications and Stakeholder Engagement ; and,

  • Executive Coaching.


We will continue to strategically respond to the needs of our clients while remaining committed to our partnership-based approach to leading and managing.  Watch for more news from us this summer.