Partnership Leadership

Partnership Leadership Development and Workshops

Bigger than leadership development; we focus on leadership as a capacity of the organization, not one particular individual. Our work looks at the deeper processes of communication, planning, decision making, and the intertwined roles and relationships for getting the work done.  We tailor our approach to our clients’ needs including individual coaching, short and long term team development, large group development, and event speaking engagements.

Partnership Series Workshops:

This customizable series presents sessions that complement the work of the people in your organization.  Workshop designs range from 3 to 10 sessions to build the capacity for partnership and successful implementation through process and FrameWorks™.

Strategic Team and Executive Coaching:

Our coaching services are tailored to each individual as they provide partnership leadership for their organization. A leader-directed and confidential development tool, coaching is an essential component for transformational change.

The Lifecycle Storywall Workshop:

TeamWorks International has guided a wide variety of organizations in describing and assessing the historical accumulation of their work, organizational structure, and culture, as well as the pivotal moments of change, and the characteristics of their journey. This one to two-day process of reflection and insight assists teams to better understand the actions, policies and stories that have shaped their current condition in order to help them move forward with greater clarity and alignment. This process is particularly helpful when there are new leaders who have joined the team, or there is soon to be a change in  leadership, either by internal or external succession

The Organization Workshop:

Partnership is a vital part of effective leadership; it is the intentional sharing of power with the right people at the right time. The Organization Workshop is a one to three-day experiential learning lab created by renowned systems guru, Barry Oshry, that allows colleagues to immerse themselves in establishing an organization. The result is a transformational, in-depth investigation of the foundation of partnership that is critical to organizational success, what gets in the way of it developing, and the role of leaders in making it happen.

The Four Color View Personality Workshop:

The Four Color View and Personality Color Inventory Workshop invites teams to get to know each other’s processing and decision making patterns.  The inventory is an excellent tool for discussions of communication and conflict that can be broadened into the “Personality” of the organizations and the roles and responsibilities therein.  This workshop is best presented in a full day format when discussions can be expanded to the group and organizational levels in order to address current challenges and successes.  The day is tailored to the unique needs of each group with coaching and peer coaching as a part of the agenda.